Friday, November 21, 2008

Wedding Wow: Photo Booth

It seems that there are no new wedding ideas. That may be seeing as people get married under water and even while skydiving these days. BUT I saw an idea at a wedding recently that I love so much...renting a photo booth.

My husband and I had sooo much fun taking the pictures and afterward we had a cute keepsake and so did the bride and groom. Meanwhile the photo booth attendant was compiling the pictures into an album as they were taken and we got to add the caption - so smart!

Booth Nation is one company that hires out photo booths for weddings and parties. What a great way to get people together making memories, whether it be six people crammed into the booth making faces and laughing or a special moment with the newlyweds.

I think this is an excellent way to get unusual shots of your guests and add a bit of extra entertainment to the wedding reception. However, beware of the late night shots - they can get pretty scandalous. Then again, that might be the stuff you'll want to remember later anyway;)


M said...

You do realize that BoothNation, the photo booth company you linked to is based out of London.

How is this a valuable resource for Atlanta area brides?

Obviously you got the nation part of "BoothNation" wrong...

WOW PhotoBooth said...

WOW PhotoBooth is now listed on Atlanta Occasions. They are located in Decatur, GA and have several New PhotoBooths for rent.
They are all digital and give the bride and groom a CD with all the photostrips. They also offer WOW GuestBooks where the guest puts one photostrip in the guestbook and takes the other photostrip home as a wedding favor.

kgflanagan said...

If anyone is getting married out in California and is interested in a photo booth I would recommend California Photo Booth Company.

Their website is

I highly highly highly recommend having a photo booth at your reception.