Monday, September 15, 2008

Great Wedding Gift Idea: Original Artwork

As the bride-to-be you'll end up putting plenty of time into a gift registry. Luckily mega stores like Crate and Barrel and Bed, Bath & Beyond have registering down to an art complete with a scanner, checklist and best sellers and department stores are equally as helpful.

While a registry is a much-needed way of getting the household goodies that you'll need to start a fresh new life with your partner, may I suggest thinking about other gifts you can't get from Macy's that will last a lifetime…original artwork.

When you get married, it's often true that you combine furniture and other items, but you may find that your walls are bare. Have your family and/or close friends pool their money and buy you an original piece of artwork that you and your honey will cherish forever.

Real artwork usually isn't cheap, but that doesn't mean it has to be as outrageously expensive as you might imagine. Check out Atlanta artist Bob Ichter's whimsical pastels and his large-scale oil and acrylic works, which can be seen in fine galleries all around the states.

Similarly, you may find a nice sculpture or photograph that is meaningful to you or speaks to you and your future spouse if you take the time to stroll through local galleries. Of course, this does is more work for the bride and groom, but it's important for you to pick out the artwork that you'd like to have in your house since you'll be the one looking at it daily.

Just remember that family and friends want to spend money on you to commemorate your marriage – so give them the opportunity to buy something special for you that will last even longer than a stainless steel fork and will be much more of a conversation piece.

What artists' work can you recommend to newly engaged couples?

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