Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wedding Wow: Seating in the Round

I recently attended an outdoor wedding at the amphitheater of a park in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Because the amphitheater was round, with a lake on one side and lush green park on the other, the bride decided to set the chairs "in the round" so that some of the guests would have a view of the scenic lake and others would have a view of the bride and groom's faces and the park.

The bride told me that several guests took pictures before, during and after the ceremony, resulting in all different angles and many fabulous shots of the idyllic scenery. For instance, while the bride was reading her vows, guests and the photographer took pictures of the back of the bride, the front, the grooms face and the two family's reactions. The bride is now going to frame a panorama of her wedding and frame pictures of the same moment together, so she can always remember how her guests viewed her special day.

As an attendee, I can say that I loved being able to see my friend's face and her new husband's as they took their vows. Of course, it did draw a few tears out of me, but I have to admit, I usually cry a little from happiness at every wedding I attend.

What other unique ways can you seat your guests during an indoor or outdoor wedding? I'd love to hear new ideas and see pictures!!

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