Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wedding Wow: Fabulous Feathers

I recently bought a fancy new headband from Bill Hallman in the Virginia Highlands. It's the cutest thing: just a plain black headband with one peacock feather on the side. I put it on in the store just for fun, but as soon as I did, it dressed up my whole appearance. It also made me feel like I was going to a British wedding or wearing a Philip Treacy hat like Sarah Jessica Parker.

This made me think about friends of mine who've said that they didn't like wearing veils because their heads were pulled backwards when they hugged people at their wedding. Of course, flowers are another option for those who aren't interested in veils, but after wearing this feather headband, I think there's something so unique and elegant about them that could really be an exciting wedding wow in the right setting like at a New Year's Eve wedding. Also, feathers will last and flowers, unless they are synthetic, are going to wither.

We'd love to see pictures of brides that have worn feathers.

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